What is Longvida®

Longvida® is a proprietary formula developed by researchers at UCLA to deliver curcumin, the polyphenol extract of curcuma longa (turmeric), in its most bioavailable form. Currently there are over 3100 publications that verify the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of curcumin. However the possible benefits demonstrated in-vitro don’t always show up in-vivo. Once ingested curcumin is rapidly metabolized and eliminated by the liver and intestines, and it fails to reach the brain. After testing over 200 different combinations these issues were solved with Longvida®’s patented† Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle Technology (SLCP™).

What is a standard dose?

One or two capsules a day for maintenance, Four capsules a day for a loading dose or to reach therapeutic levels of free curcumin in the blood. Longvida® is best taken on an empty stomach an hour before eating.

Are there any cautions with Longvida®?

Like all curcumin products Longvida® should be used with caution in individuals on blood thinners. When initially ingested Longvida® can cause digestive disturbances, so for the first few days it is best taken with food. These symptoms generally abate after a few days and then Longvida® can be taken on an empty stomach.

Why Longvida® is Superior to other Curcumin Products

  1. More than a dozen research studies and clinical trials in independent labs have been completed on Longvida®.
  2. One small, single daily dose of Longvida® offered significant health benefits in just 30 days.
  3. Published chronic-dosing safety studies on Longvida® support a strong safety profile.
  4. Longvida® is 65 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin.
  5. Longvida® offers therapeutic levels of free (not deactivated/metabolized) curcumin*.
  6. Curcumin from Longvida® passes the blood-brain barrier.
  7. Longvida® contains no metabolic inhibitors**, volatile oils, or crude, un-purified ingredients.
  8. Longvida® contains all ingredients found in our food chain, which are recognized as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). It contains no animal products or sugars, and is gluten-free.
  9. Longvida® may contain ingredients made from corn and soy. Longvida® is made with the most stringent Quality Control parameters, and its quality is ensured with traceability to the source turmeric.
  10. Longvida® meets or exceeds California Proposition 65 for heavy metal content, which is among the highest standards for heavy metals.

What are the Benefits?

A recent clinical trial using Longvida® Optimized Curcumin for 30 days in an otherwise healthy population was published on line in 2013 in Advanced Experimental Medical Biology.†† They found that Longvida® curcumin: reduced circulating amyloid-beta, which may represent brain amyloid-beta levels; reduced inflammatory cytokines in healthy people with slightly elevated baseline levels (TNF-a); reduced vascular adhesion molecules in the blood (sICAM-1); reduced blood lipids (plasma triglycerides); reduced enzymes for physiological and emotional stress (salivary amylase); increased endogenous antioxidant defense (catalase); increased vasodilator activity (plasma nitric oxide) and improved liver enzymes levels (ALT).

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* The body metabolizes curcumin into a different compound (mainly curcumin glucuronide), which has very low brain permeability and biological activity compared to curcumin in its free form (free curcumin). Often, a test for curcumin levels in blood or plasma includes glucuronidated curcumin, so it can appear to be a very high number. But this number does not represent how much curcumin is truly free and active in the bloodstream. It is similar to comparing the thyroid hormones Free T-3 and T-4 to the bound form – the free form is more bioavailable. Longvida® bioavailability is determined by measuring free curcumin, not glucuronidated curcumin. The key to this is using a method validated for the free form of curcumin, using mass spectrometric techniques such as LC/MS/MS, which is the preferred instrumentation of university scientists who determined the bioavailability of Longvida®.

** Using substances that interfere with glucuronidation like bioperine (black pepper extract) may inhibit the liver’s natural detoxification system, which is vital for removing many drugs, hormones and toxins from the body.

† Patent EU1993365, other patents pending, Longvida® and SLCP™ trademarks Vedure Sciences. †† Nutrition Journal 2012

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